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I am an MD in Illinois who has been taking a new approach to wellness in my practice, with amazing results.  You can find more information at my website at www.thecenterforprevention.com.  This approach is not popular in mainstream medicine; it is not supported by the traditional revenue model.  However, the results are so compelling, I have been attempting to scale this approach beyond my home town for about a year.


Janet has been coaching me for the last few months.  She brings an outside perspective to the conversation.  She is not in the medical community, but certainly has been a consumer in it.  She has been encouraging when I needed it and has introduced me to business leaders who have offered additional encouragement.  During our many phone conversations, she has given me advice that broadened my world view, helped me think outside of my own box.  I have acted on a number of these suggestions, and they have produced fruit.  She has given me a safe place to vet my own ideas so they become easier to deliver in critical forums.


I would highly recommend this partnership to anyone who is trying to build something new.

Craig Backs, MD, Springfield, IL

“I have had a business relationship with Janet for over 4 years.  She is a talented business leader with great technical skills and a deep understanding of what it takes to build a successful business.  Working with Janet and her team is always a pleasure.  One of the qualities I admire most in Janet is her ability and knowledge to simultaneously work within a variety of different operations.  She is always willing to help even when it’s outside of her role.  She has been a trusted confidant and a reliable business partner.  It has been a privilege working alongside Janet.”

Justin Iida
Senior Associate at Jules and Associates, Inc.

“I have worked with Janet for two years.  She is a thoughtful and caring supervisor.  Her technical skills as an accounting professional are very strong and has great understanding of what organizations need to do to succeed.  I have valued her as a mentor in my career development”.

Aldrin Matias
Senior Cost Accountant at Electric Mirror


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Thank you for considering working with The Coach North Puget Sound. We’re Janet and Michael Bartlett, the local owners and coaches at The Growth Coach North Puget Sound, and we’re looking forward to meeting you, learning about your business and then helping you build actionable strategies to make your business stronger while finding more balance in your own life.


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